Politics 3e : Basics - TANSEY, STEPHEN

Politics 3e : Basics


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Yayın tarihi: 05/2004

ISBN: 9780415303293

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This highly successful introduction to the world of politics has been fully revised and updated to explore the key issues of the twenty first century. The new edition builds on the reputation for clarity and comprehensive coverage that has made previous editions essential reading for students of politics. The third edition of Politics: The Basics : introduces all the key areas of politics, explaining all the basic ideas and terms, making it an ideal text for those contemplating studying politics at undergraduate level and the general reader is clearly and accessibly written, making use of boxes, figures and tables to illustrate key issues has a wider international focus and includes a variety of case studies and examples contains brand new material on postmodernism, terrorism, information technology, globalization and the media features an appendix which gives guidance to a variety of useful political sources, including books, newspapers and the Internet as well as information on politics courses and associations.

Table of Contents
Preface Who the Book is For - and What it is About How the Book is Organised How To Use This Book Acknowledgements
Part 1: Introduction Politics in Everyday Life What Is Politics? Approaches to the Study of Politics Traditional Scholarship Social Science and Politics Schools of Political Science Theories, Models, Paradigms Radical Criticism Post-modern and Post-structuralist theories
Part 2: Systems States and Societies Politics Without The State: Tribal Societies Feudalism States Without Nations: Kingdoms States Without Nations: Empires Nations And States The Nation State and Sovereignty Politics Between States Politics Beyond the State: International Institutions Multinational Enterprises and 'Globalization' Politics as a Universal Activity
Part 3: Concepts Human Nature and Politics Is the State Necessary? Why Should I Obey the State? The Nature of Authority What Is Justice? Individualism versus Collectivism Rights: Natural, Human, Legal Equality and Needs Positive and Negative Freedom Analysing Political Concepts
Part 4: Ideologies Ideology Right versus Left The Old Right: Monarchism The Radical Right: Nazism and Fascism Marxism Leninism and Stalinism Other Marxisms Radicalism Radical Theism - Catholic, Protestant and Islamic Ecology as Political
Radicalism Feminism as Political Radicalism Liberalism Conservatism Thatcherism as Political Radicalism Christian Democracy Socialism and Social Democracy
Part 5: Processes Political Identity Political Socialization and Political Culture Localism, Nationalism, and Ethnicity Racial and Ethnic Conflict Dominance, Assimilation, and Social Pluralism Elites, Classes and Political Pluralism Political Change Coups D'Etat and Revolutions Endogenous and Exogenous Political Change Class-Conflict in the Twenty-first Century Post-Industrial Politics? The Information Polity Technology and Survival North' versus 'South'? Terrorism Conclusion
Part 6: States Types of State Democracy, The Welfare State and the Market Forms of Representative Democracy Military Autocracy Civil Autocracy Totalitarian Governments Nazi Government Soviet Government Islamic Government - Breaking the Mould? Levels of Government European Political Institutions Local Government Conclusion
Part 7: Democracy How Can Government Be 'Democratic'? Participation and Direct Democracy Choosing Rulers Electoral Systems The Executive The Legislature The Judiciary Constitutions and Constitutionalism Rights and Constitutions Pluralist Policy-Making Corporatism and Policy Networks Centralization Political Communication Political Parties Interest Groups The Mass Media The Internet Spin and 'Political Marketing' Democracy and Communication
Part 8: Policies Public Policy Problems and Solutions The Choice of Social Decision Making Mechanisms The Case for The Market Problems of Market Decision

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