Practical Project EVM: The Application of Earned Value Management to Project Monitoring and Controll - Tyler, M. Jeffery

Practical Project EVM: The Application of Earned Value Management to Project Monitoring and Controll

M. Jeffery Tyler

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Yayın tarihi: 03/2015

ISBN: 9781508872771

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The purpose of this book is to provide a simple basic understanding of the use of EVM for the average PM that allows for the monitoring and control of a project’s schedule and costs without deterring his or her focus from the daily management and leadership that is essential for project success. There are two thoughts on the management of projects. And, these philosophies paint the poles of the spectrum of project management. The first is management through attention to detail. “The devil is in the details.” If you manage the detail, the rest will follow.” “Pay attention to details. “ These quotes are often ballyhooed around industry as a prescription for project success as if the more detail paid to the accounting of the numbers the greater the chance of success. Any PM worth their salt knows this usually substitutes for the lack of good management and leadership. On the other hand, getting out there and leading your project without paying attention to the project controls is like flying, or for that matter driving, without watching your gauges. Moving in the right direction but overlooking the health-checks of your project will cause catastrophic failure in getting to your successful completion. What is needed is the ability for the PM to guide the project to completion with a useable “cross-check” of the project’s health while still allowing for the focus to be on “flying” the project. As a young pilot I was continually reminded, “Fly the plane first, then cross-check your gauges. Fly the plane, and then communicate. Fly the plane, and then fly the mission.” In many instances, where I’ve been asked to assess the reasons behind unsuccessful projects, I’ve found that the project manager lost his o focus on guiding the project towards successful completion because he took his eyes off the goal. He attended to either too much control over the numbers while losing sight of what was causing the numbers to say what they were saying. Or, he tended to have too much “hands-on” direction and did not understand what the warnings the instruments (numbers) were saying. If you can’t tell by now, I’m telling you that “flying” your project is like flying a plane. Fly the plane, but keep a good cross-check of your instruments and what they are telling you so you can correctly understand deviations from the norm and make adjustments before the situation gets out of hand and you crash your project into the ground.

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