Principles of Behavior 5e - Malott, Richard W.

Principles of Behavior 5e

Richard W. Malott

Yayınevi: Prentice Hall

Yayın tarihi: 11/2004

ISBN: 9780130482259

Yazar : Elizabeth A. Trojan Suarez

İngilizce | 512 Sayfa |

Tür: Psikoloji


This text offers a solid introduction to the principles of behavior using a clear, interesting, entertaining style with many case studies, and everyday examples. It maintains a high level of intellectual rigor, addressing fundamental concepts at the beginning of each chapter with more advanced topics left for one of the two enrichment sections within each chapter.

Table of Contents

1. The Reinforcer.
2. Reinforcement.
3. Escape.
4. Punishment.
5. Penalty.
6. Extinction and Recovery.
7. Differential Reinforcement and Differential Punishment.
8. Shaping.
9. Unlearned Reinforcers and Learned Aversive Conditions.
10. Special Establishing Operations.
11. Learned Reinforcers and Aversive Conditions.
12. Discrimination.
13. Complex Stimulus Control.
14. Imitation.
15. Avoidance.
16. Punishment by Prevention.
17. Ratio Schedules.
18. Time-Dependent Schedules.
19. Concurrent Contingencies.
20. Behavioral Chains and Rate Contingencies.
21. Respondent Conditioning.
22. Analogs to Reinforcement and Avoidance Part I.
23. Analogs to Reinforcement and Avoidance Part II.
24. A Theory of Rule-Governed Behavior.
25. Pay for Performance.
26. Moral and Legal Control. (web only)
27. Maintenance.
28. Transfer.
29. Research Methods.
30. Jobs and Grad School. (web only)

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