Quran : Unchallengeable Miracle - Taslaman, Caner

Quran : Unchallengeable Miracle

Caner Taslaman

Yayınevi: Çitlembik

Yayın tarihi: 05/2006

ISBN: 9789756663943

İngilizce | 430 Sayfa |

Tür: Din / Kutsal Kitaplar

The Quran: The Unchallengeable Miracle, a product of extensive and wide-ranging research, is the most comprehensive volume written to date that examines the relationship between the Quran and modern science. Written in a style that the general reader can follow and understand, this book leads its readers to develop a deeper understanding of the creation of the universe and gives them the ability to evaluate these events from an entirely new perspective.

Throughout the book you will witness how the Quran speaks to us on a wide range of phenomena, from the ‘Big Bang’ theory of the creation of the universe to the creation of life in the womb, from the life of bees to the most difficult and complex topics of philosophy and physics...

In addition to the vast range of subjects treated in the Quran, there is also an extraordinary mathematical code incorporated within it that the author clearly and elaborately illustrates with both text and tables. A study of these topics will provide you with the opportunity to appreciate the unchallengeable claim, “The Quran is the work of God, and not of man.”

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