Soil and Water Conservation for Productivity and Environmental Protection 4E - Troeh, Frederick R.

Soil and Water Conservation for Productivity and Environmental Protection 4E

Frederick R. Troeh

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 10/2003

ISBN: 9780130968074

Yazar : Roy L. Donahue J. Arthur Hobbs

Ciltli | İngilizce | 656 Sayfa |

Tür: Çevre-Yer Bilimleri

This fourth edition of Soil and Water Conservation for Productivity and Environmental Protection is even more comprehensive than its predecessors. It explores the hazards posed by water and wind erosion, flooding, sedimentation, and pollution in various types of land use. Situations and examples are drawn from plains, hills, and mountainous settings in America and abroad. Practical, environmental, economic, and legal aspects are considered as they influence the choice of cultural and engineering practices most appropriate for controlling runoff, erosion, and pollution. This book is an appropriate textbook for courses in soil and water conservation. It is also a valuable reference for professional conservationists, land managers, and environmental workers.

Table of Contents
1. Conserving Soil and Water.
2. Soil Erosion and Civilization.
3. Geologic Erosion and Sedimentation.
4. Water Erosion and Sedimentation.
5. Wind Erosion and Deposition.
6. Predicting Soil Loss.
7. Soil Surveys as a Basis for Land Use Planning.
8. Cropping Systems.
9. Tillage Practices for Conservation.
10. Conservation Structures.
11. Vegetating Drastically Disturbed Areas.
12. Pastureland, Rangeland, and Forestland Management.
13. Water Conservation.
14. Soil Drainage.
15. Irrigation and Reclamation.
16. Soil Pollution.
17. Water Quality and Pollution.
18. Economics of Soil and Water Conservation.
19. Soil and Water Conservation Agencies in the United States.
20. Soil and Water Conservation Around the World.
Appendix A: Conversion Factors.
Appendix B: Common and Scientific Names of Plants Mentioned in the Text.

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