Solving Discipline and Classroom Management Problems 5E : Methods and Models for Todays Teachers - Wolfgang, Charles H.

Solving Discipline and Classroom Management Problems 5E : Methods and Models for Today's Teachers

Charles H. Wolfgang

Yayınevi: John Wiley High Education

Yayın tarihi: 10/2001

ISBN: 9780471393511

Ciltli | İngilizce | 288 Sayfa |

Tür: Eğitim

Now in its Fifth Edition, Wolfgang's Solving Discipline and Classroom Management Problems offers a wide variety of methods teachers can use to deal with a range of discipline problems in the classroom-from minor misbehavior to serious assaults. In addition to examining in detail the various discipline approaches within the Rules-Consequences, Confronting-Contracting, and Relationship-Listening models, Wolfgang's new edition explores classrom management and its relationship with-and effect on-discipline issues.

New to This Edition:

New models including Dobson's Leadership-Punishment; Albert's Cooperative Discipline; and selections from Alfie Kohn's Punishment by Rewards
Exploration of classroom management issues through the research and writings of Kounin, Evertson, and Emmer
Discipline incident vignettes to demonstrate how each model would address particular situations
End-of-chapter questions and concept tests to gauge the reader's understanding of vocabulary and key concepts

Hallmark Features:

Clear explanation of each model, with an analysis of strengths and weaknesses
Balanced, unbiased approach to the many methods and models for classroom discipline
Numerous examples and illustrations showing students how to implement each model in specific situations

Table of Contents

1. Discipline Philosophies as a Developmental Process
2. Discipline, Teacher Power, and Systems of Managment
3. The Behavior Analysis Model
4. Positive Discipline Model
5. Assertive Discipline
6. Other Rules-Consequences Models
7.The Social Discipline Model of Rudolph Dreikurs-Adlerian Theory
8. Reality Therapy, Control Theory, and the Quality School
9. Judicious Descipline
10. Other Confronting-Contracting Models
11. Teacher Effectiveness Training, T.E.T.
12. Other Relationship-Listening Models
13. Classroom Management: A Preventative Process
14. Designing One's Own Model of Discipline
Appendix: Classroom Discipline Incidents and Problems: Let's Apply What We've Learned

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