Spatiotemporal Environmental Health Modelling : A Tractatus Stochasticus - Christakos, George

Spatiotemporal Environmental Health Modelling : A Tractatus Stochasticus

George Christakos

Yayınevi: Kluwer

Yayın tarihi: 08/1998

ISBN: 9780792382119

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Tür: Tıp-Sağlık


This text should provide a holistic, conceptual and quantitative framework for environmental health modelling in space-time. The holistic framework integrates two aspects of Environmental Health Science that have been previously treated separately: the environmental aspect, which involves the natural processes that bring about human exposure to harmful substances; and the health aspect, which focuses on the interactions of these substances with the human body. Some of the fundamental issues addressed in this work include variability, scale, uncertainty, and space-time connectivity. These topics are important in the characterization of natural systems and health processes. The text explains why modern stochastics is the appropriate mechanical vehicle for addressing such issues in a rigorous way. In particular, modern stochastics incorporates concepts and methods from probability, classical statistics, geostatistics, statistical mechanics and field theory. The authors present a synthetic view of environmental health that embraces all of the various components and focuses on their mutual interactions. The text includes material on Bayesian maximum entropy estimation techniques and spa

Table of Contents

Ch. I Fundamental Principles of Stochastic Environmental Health Modelling 1

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