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Staroffice Companion


Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 11/2000

ISBN: 9780130307033

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The practical, user-friendly, insider's guide to mastering StarOffice! The step-by-step, task-based productivity guide to StarOffice For Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms Covers Writer, Calc, Impress, Web, Draw, Image, Schedule, Mail, Address Book, Base, and more Imagine: an office productivity suite that's powerful, easy to use, thoroughly integrated--and free! For millions of Linux, Solaris, and Windows users, this is no fantasy. It's a reality, with StarOffice. Now, there's a comprehensive, task-based guide to making the most of StarOffice 5.2--direct from Sun Microsystems, developer of StarOffice! StarOffice 5.2 Companion also incorporates solutions to questions from hundreds of new StarOffice users, making this the most practical, task-oriented book around. This book delivers clear, step-by-step coverage of every key StarOffice component--focusing on the features, techniques, and tips that help you do what you need to do to get your job done.

You'll find comprehensive coverage of all of the following and more: Conversion to and from Microsoft file formats--on individual files, entire folders, and scores of other file formats StarOffice Writer: editing, formatting, collaboration, long documents, mail merge, and printing StarOffice Calc: data entry, formatting, calculations, functions, and data analysis tools StarOffice Impress: creating, organizing, designing, and delivering presentations StarOffice Draw and Image: lines, objects, colors, text, vector drawings, and raster graphics in popular formats like JPG and GIF StarOffice Web: browsing the Internet, creating HTML documents, hyperlinks, converting other StarOffice formats to HTML, WebCast presentations, FTP, and animated text and graphics StarOffice Schedule: event and task management, views and filters, notifications, workgroup scheduling, and PalmPilot synchronization StarOffice Mail and Address Book: email, newsgroups, and contacts management Installation and printer setup information: Getting StarOffice up and running quickly on your home computer, and detailed instructions for implementing an enterprise-wide networked solution Customizing the StarOffice integrat's Web browsing and database features--even an introduction to StarOffice Basic, StarOffice's powerful macro automation language. Want to get productive with StarOffice? Here's the practical, direct, expert guide you've been searching for: StarOffice 5.2 Companion.
Table of Contents
1. Installation. Installation Checklist. Buying a CD or Downloading the StarOffice Software. Downloading the StarOffice Software. Reading the StarOffice Install and Migration Documentation. System Requirements. Updating From 5.1 to 5.2. Operating System-Specific Notes. Installing StarOffice: Single-User. Installing StarOffice: Multi-User. Starting StarOffice. Entering Information in the Internet Setup AutoPilot. Registration. Installing StarOffice Player for Impress Presentations. Installing Additional Components. Installing Java Separately and Monitoring Java. Repairing Damaged StarOffice Programs. Removing StarOffice. Help With StarOffice. Secret Install Files.
2. Printing in StarOffice. Printer Setup. Basic Printing and Faxing for StarOffice Documents. Advanced Setup and Printing for StarOffice documents.
3. Taming the StarOffice Environment. About this Chapter. The StarOffice Work Area. About the StarOffice Desktop. Organizing and Managing Your Files. Getting Help. Turning Off Annoying Features. Rearranging the Environment. Working With Documents. Converting Microsoft Office Documents.
4. Getting Started With Writer. Quick Start. Writer Setup Options. Keyboard Shortcuts. Creating a New Document. Writer Tips.
5. Formatting Documents. Basics of Formatting. Character Formatting. Paragraph Formatting. Power Formatting With Styles. Using Templates.
6. Adding Objects to Documents. Graphics and Drawings. Tables. Charts. Spreadsheets. Frames. Mathematical Formulas. Documents. Scanning Images Into Writer. Tips for Adjusting Inserted Objects. Lining Up Objects on a Grid. Inserting Captions.
7. Headers, Footers, and Fields. Using Headers and Footers. Using Fields.
8. Books and Longer Documents. Overview. Outline Numbering. Headers and Footers. Books (Master Documents). Navigator. Cross-Referencing. Creating a Table of Contents. Creating an Index. Creating Lists of Figures and Other Lists. Bibliographies.
9. Mailings. About Mailings, Databases, and Mail Merges. Merging to a Document. Merging to an Envelope. Merging to Labels.
10. Version Control and Editing Tools. Note About Version Control. Maintaining Incremental Versions of a Document. Using Sections. Using the Automated Editing Tools. Using Notes.
11. Printing in StarOffice Writer. Setting Printing Options. Printing Brochures. Printing to PostScript and PDF. Setting Up Pages for DocuTech 135 Signature Printing. III. - STAROFFICE WEB.
12. StarOffice Web Setup. The Setup Steps You Really Need to Do. Browser Options. HTML Document Options. Internet Options. URL Options. AutoFormat Options. Getting the StarOffice Icon Off Your HTML Files. Understanding Target Frames. Enabling Internet Connectivity. Displaying the Hyperlink Bar.
13. Browsing. Quick Start. Basic Browsing. Using Webs Search Engine Connections. Finding Out When a Site Has Changed. Working With Bookmarks. Downloading Web Pages. M

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