Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel 5E - Levine, David M.

Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel 5E

David M. Levine

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780132295451

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Tür: Matematik-İstatistik

This book was the first to thoroughly integrate the use of Microsoft Excel as a tool for statistical analysis. The book focuses on the concepts of statistics with applications to the functional areas of business. It is rich in applications from accounting, finance, marketing, management and economics, covering data collection, tables and charts, probability, estimation, and more. For professionals, particularly managers, making financial analyses and decisions.

Table of contents
1 Introduction and Data Collection
2 Presenting Data in Tables and Charts
3 Numerical Descriptive Measures
4 Basic Probability
5 Some Important Discrete Probability Distributions
6 The Normal Distribution and Other Continuous Distributions
7 Sampling and Sampling Distributions
8 Confidence Interval Estimation
9 Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Tests
10 Two-Sample Tests
11 Analysis of Variance
12 Chi-Square Tests and Nonparametric Tests
13 Simple Linear Regression
14 Introduction to Multiple Regression
15 Multiple Regression Model Building
16 Time-Series Forecasting and Index Numbers
17 Decision Making
18 Statistical Applications in Quality Management

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