Structuring Sense : The Normal Course of Events Vol. 2 - Borer, Hagit

Structuring Sense : The Normal Course of Events Vol. 2

Hagit Borer

Yayınevi: Oxford University Press

Yayın tarihi: 02/2004

ISBN: 9780199263929

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Structuring Sense explores the difference between words however defined and structures however constructed. It sets out to demonstrate over three volumes, of which this is the second, that the explanation of linguistic competence should be shifted from lexical entry to syntactic structure, from memory of words to manipulation of rules. Its reformulation of how grammar and lexicon interact has profound implications for linguistic, philosophical, and psychological theories about human mind and language.

Hagit Borer departs from both language specific constructional approaches and lexicalist approaches to argue that universal hierarchical structures determine interpretation, and that language variation emerges from the morphological and phonological properties of inflectional material.

The Normal Course of Events applies this radical approach to event structure. Integrating research results in syntax, semantics, and morphology, the author shows that argument structure is based on the syntactic realization of semantic event units. The topics she addresses include the structure of internal arguments and of telic and atelic interpretations, accusative and partitive case, perfective and imperfective marking, the unaccusative-unergative distinction, existential interpretation and post-verbal subjects, and resultative constructions. The languages discussed include English, Catalan, Finnish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

Table of Contents 1. SETTING COURSE 1. Exo-Skeletal Explanations - a Recap 2. Why Events? 2. THE PROJECTION OF ARGUMENTS 3. Structuring Telicity 4. (A)structuring Atelicity 5. Interpreting Telicity 6. Direct Range Assignment: The Slavic Paradigm 7. Direct Range Assignment: Telicity without Verkuyl's Generalization 8. How Fine-Grained? 3. LOCATIVES AND EVENT STRUCTURE 9. The Existential Road: Unergatives and Transitives 10. Slavification and Unaccusatives 11. Forward Oh!

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