Surname-i Vehbi : Sultan Ahmedin Düğünü An Illustrated Account of Sultan Ahmed Festival of1720 -

Surname-i Vehbi : Sultan Ahmed'in Düğünü An Illustrated Account of Sultan Ahmed Festival of1720

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A facsimile edition of an 18th century manuscript.

The original of this outstanding work, which is in the library of Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, contains 137 brilliantly-colored miniatures by Levni, the renown painter to the court of Ahmed III (r 1703-1740). The miniatures illustrate a fifteen-day festival held on the occasion of the circumcision of four of the sultan's sons in 1720. Surname is in the long-standing Ottoman tradition of preparing specially-written and illustrated books to commemorate the festivities that took place on special occasions such as royal births, weddings, and so on. The activities included parades, musical performances, circus acts, and fireworks displays, all of which were brilliantly captured and executed by Levni in his miniatures. The text for the book was composed by Vehbi, a court poet, and appears in full in this facsimile edition. State-of-the-art reproduction and printing techniques have been employed to ensure that this facsimile edition is a faithful copy of this distinguished work. Hand-bound by experienced craftsmen, this is a limited edition of only 750 copies.

A second volume accompanies the facsimile edition, and consists of introductory essays by historians Dogan Kuban and Stéphane Yerasimos. A detailed explanation of the events depicted in the manuscript is provided by Mertol Tulum and helps the reader to understand the events in the festival as well as Ottoman social structure. A transcription of the Ottoman text is also provided.

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