That Winter the Wolf Came - Spahr, Juliana

That Winter the Wolf Came

Juliana Spahr

Yayınevi: Commune Editions

Yayın tarihi: 08/2015

ISBN: 9781934639177

İngilizce | 120 Sayfa | 14,99x22,61x0,76 cm.

Tür: Şiir

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That Winter the Wolf Came is written for this era of global struggle. It finds its ferment at the intersection of ecological and economic catastrophe. Its feminist and celebratory energy is fueled by street protests and their shattered windows. Amid oil spills and austerity measures and shore birds and a child holding its mother s hand and hissing teargas canisters, it reminds us exactly what we must fight to defend with a wild ferocity, and what we re up against."In her poems, love does not resist the world beyond; love lets it in. Politics demands feeling rather than denuding it." "Los Angeles Review of Books""Geography, economics, ecology, hydrology, local and international history; repetition, flatlimited diction, lengthy chant; intersections of incompatible discourses, such as a field biologist schecklist plus memoir, medical record plus ode, incantation plus site report: Spahr drawson these resources and procedures to make poems that feel like bizarre, careful essays, andessays that feel like sad, extended poems." "The Nation"..".a work of crisp wit, bizarre conjunctions and ultimately enduring moral authority." "Publisher s Weekly" Excerpt: It was Non-Revolution. Or it was me. Or it was Non-Revolution and me. I was unsure what it really was. Maybe it was my thoughts. My thoughts at one minute about Non-Revolution. About the smell of Non-Revolution. Sweat, urine, sage, pot, rotting food, hay, all mixed together. Perhaps about Non-Revolution s body. I am sure I am not the only one who has thought it exceptional, but I am also just as sure that by the standards of bodies, Non-Revolution s is fine but not exceptional. That is the point. That is why Non-Revolution is called Non-Revolution, why they have revolution as a possibility in their name but it is a modified and thus negated possibility so as to suggest they are possibly neither good nor fucked. Still something about Non-Revolution s smell and body had gotten into me."

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