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Thermodynamics 4e : Engineering Approach With Version 1.2 CD

Yunus Çengel

Yayınevi: McGraw Hill

Yayın tarihi: 03/2002

ISBN: 9780071216890

Yazar : Michael Boles

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Tür: Makine

An Engineering Approach takes thermodynamics education to the next level through its intuitive and innovative approach. A long-time favorite among students and instructors alike because of its highly engaging, student-oriented conversational writing style, this book is now the to most widely adopted thermodynamics text in the U.S. and in the world.

The Limited Academic Version of Engineering Equation Solver (EES) will be packaged free with the text. This CD-ROM offers a run-time demonstration of the EES program, sample solved problems, and over 50 solutions to selected text homework problems. To fully utilize the scripted EES problems, it is necessary for instructors to download the EES Engine, available free to departments of educational institutions adopting the text. EES is a software program that allows students to solve design problems and ask "what if" questions. This program includes a user-friendly equation solver and enables the student to perform parametric and optimization studies, and display the results in tabular and graphical forms. Property tables and data needed for solving thermodynamic problems are provided. The program also allows users to input additional property data as needed. A new "Topics of Special Interest" feature, included at the end of most chapters, expands the boundaries of classical thermodynamics into other areas of interest and everyday applications, including the following topics: "Thermodynamic Aspects of Biological Systems," "Refrigeration and Freezing of Foods," "Second-Law Aspects of Daily Life," "Saving Fuel and Money by Driving Sensibly," "Thermoelectric Power Generation and Refrigeration Systems," and "Chemical Potential and the Separation Work of Mixtures."

About 200 comprehensive computer problems, allow students to conduct real-world engineering analysis by performing in-depth parametric problem exploration where they plot the key variables and generate results by using the powerful and intuitive Engineering Equation Solver(EES) software tool (or other suitable programs). Over 200 “multiple-choice” problems at the end of chapters prepare the students for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE)exam, and can also be used for general review and

A new integrated and highly intuitive approach to the 1st Law of Thermodynamics is introduced in the 4th Edition. Coverage of the 1st Law as it relates to Closed Systems and Control Volumes is unified in one chapter. Numerous worked examples with sketches, step by step procedures, and process diagrams apply concepts to problems in a consistent manner. Nearly 2,000 class-tested problems, including design, computer, essay, and labs, provide an opportunity for review and application of the concepts. De-emphasized use of a formal sign convention for heat and work promotes a clearer understanding of the basic principles.

Environmental consciousness is raised through new problems dealing with energy conservation and conversion and the emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Both the SI and English units of measurement are included, with an emphasis on SI. More than 1,000 engaging illustrations help students visualize concepts. In addition to the EES software, the Student Resources CD also offers an Interactive Introduction to Thermodynamics tutorial. 1 Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics
2 Properties of Pure Substances
3 The First Law of Thermodynamics: Closed Systems
4 The First Law of Thermodynamics: Control Volumes
5 The Second Law of Thermodynamics
6 Entropy: A Measure of Disorder
7 Exergy: A Measure of Work Potential
8 Gas Power Cycles
9 Vapor and Combines Power Cycles
10 Refrigeration Cycles
11 Thermodynamic Property Relations
12 Gas Mixtures
13 Gas-Vapor Mixtures and Air Conditioning
14 Chemical Reactions
15 Chemical and Phase Equilibrium
16 Thermodynamics of High-Speed Gas Flow
1 Property Tables and Charts (Si Units)
2 Property Tables and Charts (English Units)
3 Introduction to EES
For more information please contact your local representative
Instructor's Solutions Manual to accompany Thermodynamics
Property Tables Booklet to accompany

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