Tourism and the Economy   - Mak, James

Tourism and the Economy

James Mak

Yayınevi: Hawaii University Press

Yayın tarihi: 11/2003

ISBN: 9780824827892

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Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Many countries see it as a passport to their economic development; others express concern that uncontrolled tourism may overwhelm their natural, cultural, social and physical resources.

The question of how best to harness tourism for the good of host communities is increasingly debated and forms the basis of this book. Written in an accessible style for a general audience as well as professionals, it applies an economic way of thinking to tourism to help readers gain a better understanding of this dynamic global industry.

Table of Contents

I The Tourism Economy
1 Tourism and Economics
2 The Tourism Product
II The Tourist
3 Demand for Pleasure Travel
4 Why Some People Travel on Package Tours
5 Why Some People Use Travel Agents
6 Once There
III The Suppliers
7 Competition in the Tourism Industries
8 Getting You There
9 Barriers to International Tourist Travel
IV The Host Community
10 Tourism's Place in the Host Economy
11 Benefits and Costs of Tourism to the Host Community
12 Taxing Tourism
13 Tourism and the Natural Environment
14 Sustainable Tourism
15 Tourism in the Post September - 11 World
Endnotes 205
Glossary of Economic Terms
Chapter References

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