Understanding Movies 11e  - Giannetti, Louis D.

Understanding Movies 11e

Louis D. Giannetti

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 04/2007

ISBN: 9780132336994

İngilizce | 624 Sayfa |

Tür: Sinema İnceleme  |  Sinema

For undergraduate courses in Introduction to Film, Introduction to Cinema, and Film Appreciation. This contemporary, best-selling text is designed to help students analyze movies with precision and technical sophistication. Designed to help students analyze movies with precision and technical sophistication, Understanding Movies focuses on formalism-how the languages of the film (e.g., camera work, editing, lighting, story, photography, etc.) create meaning. Building on the same principle of organization as previous editions-structuring chapters around the elements of film-the new edition of this best seller offers a lavish use of color, printed on high-quality paper and has been updated to integrate recent films, developments in filmmaking, and personalities in the field.

Table of contents
1. PHOTOGRAPHY: Overview. Realism and Formalism. The Shots. The Angles. Light and Dark. Color. Lenses, Filters, and Stocks. Special Effects. The Cinematographer. Further reading.
2. MISE EN SCA AeNE: Overview. The Frame. Composition and Design. Territorial Space. Proxemic Patters. Open and Closed Forms. Further Reading.
3. MOVEMENT: Overview. Kinetics. The Moving Camera. Mechanical Distortions of Movement. Further Reading.
4. EDITING: Overview. Continuity. D.W. Griffith and Classical Cutting. Soviet Montage and the Formalist Tradition. Andre Bazin and the Tradition of Realism. Hitchcock's North by Northwest: Storyboard Version. Further Reading.
5. SOUND: Overview. Historical Background. Sound Effects. Music. Musicals. Spoken Language. Further Reading.
6. ACTING: Overview. Stage and Screen Acting. The American Star System. Styles of Acting. Casting. Further Reading.
7. DRAMA: Overview. Time, Space, Language. The Director. Settings and Decor. Costumes and Makeup. Further Reading.
8. STORY: Overview. Narration. The Spectator. The Classical Paradigm. Realistic Narratives. Formalist Narratives. Nonfiction Narratives. Genre and Myth. Further Reading.
9. WRITING. Overview. The Screenwriter. The Screenplay. North by Northwest: Reading Version. Figurative Comparisons. Point of View. Literary Adaptations. Further Reading.
10. IDEOLOGY: Overview. The-Left-Center-Right Model. Culture, Religion, and Ethnicity. Feminism. Queer Cinema. Tone. Further Reading.
11. CRITIQUE: Overview. Theories of Realism. Formalist Film Theories. The Auteur Theory. Eclectic and Synthesizing Approaches. Structuralism and Semiology. Historiography. Further Reading.
12. SYNTHESIS: CITIZEN KANE: Overview. Photography. Mise en Scene. Movement. Editing. Sound. Acting. Drama. Story. Writing. Ideology. Critique. Further Reading.

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