USING SET FOR SECURE     - Drew, Grady


Grady Drew

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 02/1999

ISBN: 9780130997159

Yazar : William Archibald Doug Burke

İngilizce | 304 Sayfa |

Tür: Internet

Build and implement secure SET E-commerce payment systems-now! The SET protocol supercharges E-commerce by providing a standard, secure way to handle credit card transactions online. It represents the first vendor-neutral Internet security solution that delivers authentication, privacy and data integrity, all in one neat package. Using SET for Secure Electronic Commerce is the first book that shows developers and merchants all they need to know to start profiting from SET. It reviews the entire protocol, and every aspect of a SET transaction, from start to finish-with practical examples.

Coverage includes: Wallets, merchant servers and other SET software components Encryption and cryptographic techniques Certificates, the certification process and how SET handles trust and authentication SET payment messaging scenarios, including payment messaging between cardholder and merchant, and payment gateways Advanced protocol extensions, including the SET debit architecture, smart cards, Japanese Payment Options and PIN-based solutions Using SET for Secure Electronic Commerce offers a practical roadmap for implementing your own SET applications and an up-to-date guide to the SET vendors and standards youll need to do so. For thousands of online merchants, SET isnt just smart technology: its smart business. Nows the time to get started-and this is the book.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to SET.
Chapter Roadmap. SET Basics. Electronic Commerce. Announcement of SET. The Participants. Electronic Shopping vs. Traditional Shopping. Shopping With SET. SET Purchase Transaction. Interoperability. Interoperability Testing. SET Messages. Message Wrapper. Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) - Message Content. Distinguished Encoding Rules-Message Encoding. Object Identifiers. SET Error Processing.
Chapter 2: Software Components.
Chapter Roadmap. SET Software. The Wallet. How the Wallet Works. The Wallets Core Functionality. Existing Wallets. The Merchant Server (POS). How The Merchant Server Works. The Merchant Servers Core Functionality. Existing Merchant Servers. The Certificate Authority. How The Certificate Authority Works. The Certificate Authoritys Core Functionality. Existing Certificate Authorities. The Payment Gateway. The Gateways Core Functionality. Existing Gateways.
Chapter 3: Encryption and Cryptography.
Chapter Roadmap. Important Terms. Encryption/Decryption Explained. Signing/Verification Explained. Who Performs the Actions?. Secret-Key Cryptography. Data Encryption Standard. Public-Key Cryptography. Encryption Key Pair. Signature Key Pair. Public-Key Cryptography Standards. OAEP. RSA. Signature and Encryption Keys in RSA. Security of RSA. Secure Hash Algorithm 1. Why Use a Combination of RSA and DES? Elliptic Curve Cryptography. SETs Signing and Encryption Process. Message Digest. Digital Signatures. Dual Signatures. Signed Message. Digital Envelopes. Encryption Process Overview.
Chapter 4: Certificates and Certification.
Chapter Roadmap. What Is a Certificate? Certificate Management Architecture. Root Certificate Authority (RCA). Brand Certificate Authority (BCA). Geo-Political Certificate Authority (GCA). Cardholder Certificate Authority (CCA). Merchant Certificate Authority (MCA). Payment Gateway Certificate Authority (PCA). Cardholder Certificates. Merchant Certificates. Hierarchy of Trust. Certificate Validation. Types of Certificates. Certificate Revocation Lists. CRL Format. CRL Distribution. Brand CRL Identifier. BCI Format. BCI Distribution. End Entity Certificate Cancellation/Revocation. Cardholder Certificate Cancellation. Merchant Certificate Cancellation. Payment Gateway Certificate Revocation. Certificate Format. X.509 Certificates. Cardholder Certificates. Merchant Certificates. Payment Gateway Certificates. Cardholder Certificate Authority (CCA) Certificates. Geo-Political Certificate Authority (GCA) Certificates. Brand Certificate Authority (BCA) Certificates. Root Certificate Authority (RCA) Certificates. Thumbprints. Issuing Certificates. Certificate Request Types. Initial Root Certificate Generation and Distribution. Issuing Certificate Authority Certificates. Issuing End Entity Certificates. Message Wrappers. Certificate Inquiry.
Chapter 5: SET Payment Messaging.
Chapter Roadmap. Common Business Scenarios. Authorize Now and Capture Later. Authorize and Capture Now. Authorize Now

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