Values of Beauty : Historical Essays in Aesthetics  - Guyer, Paul

Values of Beauty : Historical Essays in Aesthetics

Paul Guyer

Yayınevi: Cambridge University Press

Yayın tarihi: 09/2005

ISBN: 9780521606691

İngilizce | 384 Sayfa |

Tür: Estetik

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Values of Beauty discusses major ideas and figures in the history of aesthetics from the beginning of the eighteenth century to the end of the twentieth century. The core of the book features Paul Guyer's most recent essays on the epochal contribution of Immauel Kant, and sets Kant's work in the context of predecessors, contemporaries, and successors including David Hume, Alexander Gerard, Archibald Alison, Arthur Schopenhauer, and John Stuart Mill All of the essays emphasize the complexity rather than isolation of our aesthetic experience of both nature and art; and the interconnection of aesthetic values such as beauty and sublimity on the one hand, and prudential and moral values on the other. Guyer emphasizes that the idea of the freedom of the imagination as the key to both artistic creation and aesthetic experience has been a common thread throughout the modern history of aesthetics, although the freedom of the imagination has been understood and connected to other forms of freedom in a variety of ways.

Table of Contents

I Mostly before Kant
1 The origins of modern aesthetics : 1711-1735 3
2 The standard of taste and the "most ardent desire of society" 37
II Mostly Kant
3 The harmony of the faculties revisited 77
4 Beauty and utility in eighteenth-century aesthetics 110
5 Free and adherent beauty : a modest proposal 129
6 Kant on the purity of the ugly 141
7 Beauty, freedom, and morality : Kant's lectures on anthropology and the development of his aesthetic theory 163
8 The ethical value of the aesthetic : Kant, Alison, and Santayana 190
9 The symbols of freedom in Kant's aesthetics 222
10 Exemplary originality : genius, universality, and individuality 242
III Mostly after Kant
11 Pleasure and knowledge in Schopenhauer's aesthetics 265
12 From Jupiter's eagle to Warhol's boxes : the concept of art from Kant to Danto 289
13 The value of a theory of beauty : Mary Mothersill's Beauty restored 326

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