Visual C++ .Net : Your Visual Blueprint for Programming on the Net + CD - COGSWELL, JEFF

Visual C++ .Net : Your Visual Blueprint for Programming on the Net + CD


Yayınevi: John Wiley

Yayın tarihi: 04/2002

ISBN: 9780764536441

İngilizce | 336 Sayfa |

Tür: Bilgisayar / Programlama

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In this one-of-a-kind book, each step is displayed with callouts to show you exactly where the action takes place on the screen. You'll find complete coverage of C++, including basics, strings, structures, converting data types, classes, debugging, event handling, and the .NET conversion. The accompanying CD is loaded with all of the code examples. This is the only visual reference for C++! Table of Contents
How to Use This Book.
Getting Started with Visual C++ .Net.
Introduction to Visual C++ .NET.
Create a Visual C++ .NET Solution.
Open a Visual C++ .NET Solution.
Enter Visual C++ .NET Source Code.
Save a Visual C++ .NET File.
Compile a Visual C++ .NET File.
Build a Visual C++ .NET Solution.
Add a File to a Visual C++ .NET Project.
Working With C++ Basics.
Introduction to Data Types.
Create a Constant.
Create an Enumeration.
Create a Variable.
Perform Simple Math.
Branch Based on a Comparison.
Make More Complicated Comparisons.
Call a Function.
Create a Function Prototype.
Controlling Program Flow.
Create a for Loop.
Create a while Loop.
Create a do-while Loop.
Create an if Statement.
Create a switch Statement.
Programming With Structures.
Declare a Structure Type.
Create a Structure.
Initialize a Structure.
Access a Structure.
Create an Array of Structures.
Pass a Structure Pointer to a Function.
Create a Structure Containing Functions.
Converting Data Types.
Convert Data with C-Style Casts.
Convert Between Pointers and Numbers.
Convert Between Class Pointers.
Convert Between Class References.
Convert Between Classes Statically.
Remove the Const Attribute with a Cast.
Safely Cast a Base Class to a Derived Class.
Cast Without Run-Time Checking.
Replace Most C-Style Casts.
Understanding Pointers.
Work with Pointers.
Access Data through a Pointer.
Work with new and delete.
Create a .NET Pointer.
Pass by Reference.
Return a Pointer from a Function.
Declare a Pointer to an Array.
Declare a Structure Pointer.
Perform Pointer Math.
Programming With Classes.
Create a Class.
Write a Constructor.
Write a Destructor.
Add a Member Variable.
Add a Static Variable.
Write Methods.
Write Static Methods.
Overload Methods.
Specify Member Access.
Add Friend Variables and Methods.
Add a Nested Class.
Programming With Inheritance.
Introducing Inheritance.
Derive a Class.
Initialize the Base Class.
Call a Base Method.
Create Classes Using Polymorphism.
Create Abstract Classes.
Derive a Class from an Abstract Class.
Debugging Your Program.
Create a Debugging Executable.
Step through a Program.
Step into a Function.
Watch a Variable.
Set a Breakpoint.
Run to the Cursor Location.
Programming With .Net Strings.
Introduction to Strings.
Create a String.
Initialize a String.
Change the Case of a String.
Split a String.
Extract Substrings.
Compare Strings.
Convert Numbers to Strings.
Convert Strings to Numbers.
Programming With .Net Arrays.
Introduction to .NET Arrays.
Create a C++ Array.
Create an Array of Pointers.
Create a .NET Array.
Manipulate a .NET Array.
Create a Container.
Handling Errors with .Net Exceptions.
Programming Exceptions.
Catch an Exception with a try/catch Block.
Throw an Exception.
Using the .NET Exceptions.
Write a .NET Exception Handler.
Create an Exception Class.
Managing Files with .Net.
Create a Text File.
Open a Text File.
Write to a Text File.
Append to a Text File.
Create a Binary File.
Read a Disk Directory.
Copy a File.
Delete a File.
Seek to Any Position in a File.
Rename or Move a File.
Making a GUI with .Net.
Create a Windows Form.
Add a Button Control.
Add a Label Control.
Add a TextBox Control.
Add a CheckBox Control.
Add a GroupBox with RadioButton Controls.
Add a PictureBox Control.
Add a ListBox Control.
Add a CheckedListBox Control.
Add a ComboBox Control.
Add a ProgressBar Control.
Add an UpDown Control.
Add an ImageList Control.
Add a ListView Control.
Add a TreeView Control.
Add a RichTextBox Control.
Programming with .Net Dialog Boxes.
Display a ColorDialog Dialog Box.
Display an OpenFileDialog Dialog Box.
Display a SaveFileDialog Dialog Box.
Display a FontDialog Dialog Box.
Display a PrintDialog Dialog Box.
Display a Custom Modal Dialog Box.
Adding .Net Event Handling.
Understand Events.
Write an Event Handler.
Respond to Mouse Events.
Respond to Menu Events.
Respond to Keyboard Events.
Using C++ Managed Extensions.
Introduction to Managed Extensions.
Using Managed Extensions.
Add Managed Extensions to an Existing Project.
Using Automatic Cleanup.
Avoid Automatic Cleanup.
Ensure that a Variable Does Not Move.
Reference a Function with a Delegate.
Create Properties for Managed Classes.
Prevent Class Inheritance.
Create Value Classes.
Box a Value Class.
Use a Keyword as an Identifier.
Declare an Abstract Class.
Handle Unsuccessful Casts.
C++ Quick Reference.
.Net Programming Environment.
String Reference.
What's on the CD-ROM.
Using the E Version of the Book.
End-User License Agreement.
General Public License.

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