Where Are You, Susie Petschek ? - Çapan, Cevat

Where Are You, Susie Petschek ?

Cevat Çapan

Yayınevi: Arc Publications

Yayın tarihi: 05/2001

ISBN: 9781900072434

İngilizce | 120 Sayfa |

Tür: Şiir

It is the paradoxical nature of Capan's poetry that makes it so distinctive. It sounds ancient and traditional, yet is recognisably related to modernism; it is rooted in Turkish life and at the same time is European, and beyond that, aware of - and part of - a world literature. Capan's poems are at once lyrical and wry, rich and plain.

They inhabit the large landscapes of Turkish life - steppes and forests, seas and mountains - and also an extended world of modern politics. Many of the poems are personal, concerned with the poet's own family, his father's story, the names of his children, and yet they have the impersonality of old stories and tales.

"When I was a kid in Croydon, there was a man who proudly walked the streets with a singing bird on his shoulder. Perhaps a blackbird. Anyway, a reader of this book, when he steps out of one of Çapan's poems on to the street of some foreign city, will feel like that man with a bird on his shoulder." - John Berger

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