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www.dbe.off-line.readings 2

Feyza Konyalı

Yayınevi: Metu Pres

Yayın tarihi: 01/2012

ISBN: 9789757064534

Yazar : Gaye Tolungüç

İngilizce | 175 Sayfa | 19,5 x 27,5 cm.

Tür: Dil /Yabancı Dil

The materials have been designed for the purpose of helping our students practise and improve reading skills, with special emphasis on critical thinking and vocabulary development. Thinking that it is unrealistic to fragment reading skills especially at this level, basic reading sub-skills have been introduced explicitly at the beginning. Hopefully, in this way, our students will have an awareness of what reading an academic text requires and will have the chance to practise them all in each unit of the book throughout the term.

Following the introduction, there are units designed around a selected topic exploring its different aspects. Considering the student needs and the timing of the course corresponding to the end of the semester, the final unit has been planned for exam practice covering all skills and vocabulary. In terms of the framework, the units share the same titled sections, each trying to provide the opportunity to practise the skills introduced initially so that they will be constantly reinforced. However, apart from the basic divisions, care has been taken to provide variety as units of the same format tend to get monotonous after a short time.

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