King Of Dungeons - Grayen, Selma Elenora

King Of Dungeons

Selma Elenora Grayen

Yayınevi: Ark Kitapları

Yayın tarihi: 09/2012

ISBN: 9786055350178

İngilizce | 615 Sayfa | 13,5 x 21 cm.

  • 36,00 TL
  • 45,00 TL

Beginning in the 13th century's turbulent feudalistic England and Wales, in the age of chivalry, the story of the King of Dungeons chronicles the stirring adventures of Owen Griffitt, the young King of Wales who never in his life lives the happiness of his crown, and spends more time in dungeons than on his throne.Having his country subdued to vassalage under English domination, Owen escapes from the dungeon he has been in for a long time and flees the country, but only to come back some day to free Wales from the English. He goes on a long, daring journey across Europe to get support for his country’s independence and visits powerful leaders and rulers of Europe to ask for their help. A group of orphans and their guardians, whom he considers his family, and his five loyal, stout-hearted knights accompany him. Their epic quest, however, soon turns into a series of dashing, swashbuckling adventures filled with unexpected ordeals which uncannily prove to be related to their very mission. While they endure unforeseen hardships and relentless tribulations, they further get dragged in chilling mysteries that haunt them and make them doomed to misfortunes. But they are determined not to quit this thrilling, ever-rolling odyssey without the accomplishment of their task which their people back home very much look forward to.

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